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What Should You Know About a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

Traditionally, claimants and their attorneys have been faced with not having enough funds to see a case through to a successful conclusion. Without the funds to pursue valid courses of action against deep-pocketed defendants, the amount that is settled for could end up being quite low. These defendants know that the prospect of a protracted and costly litigation can provide them with significant leverage which they often use to their advantage. In this article we will be exploring the ins and outs of a lawsuit cash advance and how it might help you during your biggest time of need.

Only recently have their attorneys been able to get lawsuit loans to ward off low-ball settlements and see a case all the way through. Unfortunately, due to the risk of non-recourse lawsuit loans, traditional lenders stay away from such lending. Those who do offer lawsuit loans are unequipped to really understand and evaluate cases, thus they lend only a small amount, which often is inadequate. Today, that has all changed.

A Lawsuit Cash Advance is Not Your Typical Loan
Loans require credit checks, employment verification, and sometimes application fees–we do not. Unlike traditional loans, our Lawsuit Advances do not require interest to be paid or repayment regardless of the outcome of your case. Learn more about lawsuit cash advance, by calling Express Funding America today.

Express Funding Cash Advances and Lawsuit Loans
As a result of inadequate funding for lawsuits, Fast Funds was created. We recognized the need to help claimants and their attorneys reach the full potential of their claims. For claimants, our cash advance programs can really help pay off overdue bills and meet ongoing obligations until settlement is attained. We purchase a very small percentage of the anticipated settlement. Depending on the case, you could get thousands of dollars in advance of settlement. For attorneys, we offer various funding that will allow you the time you need to prepare a winning case. Whether you need money for investigation, expert witnesses or even office overhead, we can help.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advances
With a lawsuit cash advance, also called pre-settlement funding, Cherokee provides you with a cash advance before your case is settled. You can use cash advances to pay for necessary expenses so that you can afford to wait for your attorney works to get you a full and fair settlement. Pre-settlement cash advances remove the pressure to settle quickly for a smaller settlement just because you need to pay bills.

Post Settlement Cash Advances
With post-settlement cash advances, Express Funding of America, provides you with a cash advance after your case is settled and while you are waiting for the settlement funds to be paid. Cash advances can be spent as you see fit and are great way to pay bills while you wait for the cash from your settlement.

Medical Treatment Funding
If you were injured and are awaiting an award from your case, it may be difficult to pay for the proper medical treatment you need — whether or not you have the insurance to pay for it. Fear not. With Express Funding’s medical care lawsuit cash advances, we will pay for your medical treatment so you can take care of yourself while waiting for your attorney to work your case. And, it’s affordable. You pay us nothing and we do not charge upfront fees or interest. We get repaid from the settlement the amount charged by the healthcare providers from your settlement but only if you win a settlement. For more information on lawsuit cash advances, be sure to contact Express Funding of America today.