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Surgical Funding

How Does Surgical Funding Work?

Express Funding of America is one of the country’s foremost legal funding companies – offering clients along the entire eastern seaboard the cash advances during their most dire times of need! With personal injury lawsuits hitting record highs in recent years, more and more individuals than ever before are seeking compensatory damages from other, at-fault parties, based on their negligent actions for a variety of reasons, and during a variety of different instances. One of the main issues with such cases however is the fact that the victims are often left injured, recovering, and unable to work – often putting them further and further into debt and preventing them from being able to pay off their bills and remedy certain issues, that require money. And the fact is that their settlement or case winnings from the compensatory damages of the claim, are supposed to cover all their bills and much during this situation. One of the biggest issues, regardless if you have won your case, or if both sides agree to a settlement is that it takes a long time to get paid, often months, and in some rare cases, payments can extend over a year. And all the while you are without a way to pay your bills – this is where legal funding comes into play – helping patients to pay for medical bills, household bills, school and much more. when it comes to surgical funding Bronx patients will often use these funds to take care of certain medical issues and a surgery they might need. Within this article we will be exploring legal funding, and more specifically surgical funding.

When it comes to surgical funding Bronx cases and claims are some of the most common backdrop to exhibit such a vital need for advanced cash, within a lawsuit. This is most often necessary as patients/plaintiffs involved in an accident and injury are unable to wait for their case to settle in court to receive the cash they need. With this form of lawsuit funding, a victim that is injured in an accident can get the medical treatment they desperately need. This can range from minimally invasive surgeries to complex surgical procedures. Some of the most common surgeries funded include, but not limited to:

· Back or spine surgery such as herniated disc

· Neck surgery

· Laminectomy surgery

· Discectomy surgery

· Carpal tunnel release

· Knee surgery

· Amputation

· Dental oral surgery

· Burn and scar surgery

· Shoulder surgery

Benefits of Surgical Funding

· Guaranteed, timely payment.

· Provides predictable payments on unpredictable receivables. Eliminate the risk of not getting paid.

· Expand patient base and revenue by seeing a new class of patients that were formerly not considered for treatment.

At Express Funding, a number of different attorneys embrace our surgical funding Staten Island patients who are in need of surgery without any means of paying for it can have their procedure covered, using the money they would not have received for months or even a year+. Within the program because thanks to our financial assistance, their clients can get the medical attention they need while adding substantial value to the underlying cases. Express Funding of America has been funding surgeries for years. The process is quick and easy. All of our full-time underwriters are former personal injury attorneys with decades of experience.

They perform a quick review of the underlying case, and make an expeditious decision. At Express Funding, when it comes to surgical funding Staten Island legal funding experts can provide funding for patients in need of surgery as a result of an accident if these patients are unable to afford surgery because they have no health insurance or personal injury protection coverage. There is NO risk to you. You will be paid directly by our company for the surgery. You will no longer have to be concerned about the outcome of the patient’s accident case in order to collect on a lien or a letter of protection. Express Funding assumes the risk of being repaid from the proceeds of the settlement of the patient’s case. For more information on obtaining surgical funding be sure to contact us today.