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Selling Lottery Payments


If you’re one of the few people, who are lucky to win the lottery in their lifetime, then you’ll probably be stuck in between choosing a long term payout or a lump sum of money to receive your winnings.

If you decide to stick to a long term plan which usually comes in the form of an annuity but wish to sell a portion of your pension for a lump sum of money, then we’ll be here to help you sell your annuities at the best price.


An annuity,

is a consistent payment stream. It is used in the long term and provides the beneficiary with a stable source of income over a scheduled time frame. Funds in annuities are also known to garner interest as time goes on.

A Lump Sum,

on the other hand, is a one-time payment agreement. It is one way in which you can receive your lottery winnings. Note that with this payment, your lump sum will be taxed according to the tax laws as at the time of receipt.ngs.

We are well aware that numerous people elect to choose an annuity payment plan to receive their winnings before understanding the weight of that decision. If you are now interested in selling those annuities for cash which

might be useful to cover your immediate expenses, we are here to help you at Express Funding Of America LLC. Our representatives are eager to walk you through the sale process and get you the right value for your annuities.

Annuities vs Lump Sum?


Are paid out to the recipient over a long period. There are also annuity rules which guide the payout conditions provided to the recipients. In many cases, when the guidelines of an annuity payment plan have been reached, it is very difficult, if not impossible to change them and an attempt to do so will require getting in front of a judge.

This plan means that in the case of an emergency, such as a family, health or school crisis, you will still not be able to affect the guidelines of your annuity payments and this might be counter-productive to you.

Lump Sums

Just like the name suggests a one-time payment agreement. The total amount of your winning is paid in one single payment stub with the corresponding tax amount deducted from it all at once also.

With a lump sum, you will be able to make viable investments which usually require huge cash all at once with the prospects of massive return on investments. This kind is in the opposite direction to an annuity plan which does not give you enough cash to put into investments.

Which Pay Out Option Offers the Best Tax Benefits?

As far as your tax benefits are concerned, the person in the best position to give you advice is your financial advisor or tax consultant. At Express Funding Of America LLC, we do not aim to replace these people, but only bring all available options to your table.

With a lump sum, you are taxed according to the fiscal year’s income tax requirements. This sum means all your total winnings will be taxed at once as you receive them. The plan puts you in a very high tax bracket and may or may not be the best thing for you. You will be taxed in the same manner as all other income earners and no more.

An annuity plan, on the other hand, gives you the chance to spread those huge taxes over a long period. As you will only be taxed according to the year’s tax requirement and only on the dollar value you receive in that year. This plan keeps your taxes very bearable.

The best option for you, in this case, depends on the specifics of your circumstances. A payment plan that works well for you might not work so well for your friend who doesn’t have any immediate expenses to cover.

Can you Sell your Lottery Payments?

Although it is perfectly reasonable to want to sell your lottery payments, not all lottery payments can be sold. The first thing to do to be sure that you can initiate a sale of your lottery winnings is to confirm from the lottery company if it can be sold or not.

It is also quite vital to keep it in mind that not all states of the USA allow the sale of your lottery winnings in return for a lump sum. Therefore, you should double check that your state allows the sale of your lottery winnings.

Although a judge is usually required to approve the final sale of your annuities, you can elect to either sell all or just a part of your future payments depending on how desperately you need the cash.

How am I Taxed on an Annuity Payment?

You do not have to worry about your taxes as far as your lottery winnings are concerned. You are taxed just like any other income earner, no individual fees are removed from your winnings, and you do not have to pay those taxes after taking control of your winnings. All the applicable taxes are already held back, and the total amount you receive in person is your total winnings, excluding your taxes.

When you pass away, your heir or next of kin is not obligated to pay any taxes as all taxes are already deductible from the original amount.

What Happens to your Annuities after you Die?

When you pass away, your annuities are transferred to your heir(s). All payments will henceforth go to them whether they are individuals, closest kin, or an estate. Your annuities payment plans do not change, and your interests keep accruing as planned. The only thing that happens here is that all payment now goes to your surviving relative(s).

You can sell your annuities today by contacting us at Express Funding Of America LLC. One of our representatives is available to walk you through the process, bring all options to you, and help you get the best amount for your annuities.