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Pre-Settlement Funding Dallas

Surgical Funding Versus Pre-Settlement Funding Dallas, Texas

In today’s legal world, the number od civil lawsuits has certainly been on the rise, with some states across the United States seeing an almost exponential rise in the number of cases that pass through their courtrooms. While many might debate this, its seemingly a net positive for society, despite the fact that this does point to an increase in the number of disputes citizens are having, the fact is that they are using much smarter, far more civil means to settle their differences, as opposed to in years past, especially in the state of Texas, where so many civil disputes might have ended in violence, and ultimately criminal charges as well as incarceration. And with the rise in personal injury lawsuits Dallas has seen an increase in residual, or supplementary services as well from the legal world, such as legal funding. When it comes to legal funding Dallas experts at Express Funding of America have been able to help countless individuals to fund their lives during what can end up being one of the roughest and toughest financial periods of many lives. However, when it comes to legal funding Dallas plaintiffs while they do generally get the gist of things, they don’t often know the specifics on how this funding works and what it actually is, as well as how and which type of funding is right for them. In the world of legal funding Dallas plaintiffs have tons of different options, whether its post-settlement funding, litigation funding, or pre-settlement funding Dallas plaintiffs can use these funds for different reasons. Today we will be exploring two popular forms of funding, and be breaking down exactly what they entail and how to tell what exactly these types of funding entail. We will be going over pre-settlement funding and surgical funding Dallas experts at Express Funding will be breaking down the difference in how these types of funding may be used.

Pre-Settlement Funding

As we are exploring these two different types of funding, the true fact is that its important for individuals to understand which type of funding is right for them. While there is overarching funding that may be used for all purposes, its best for clients to try and break these things down, so that they may make the best financial decision for themselves and their loved ones. This often comes by not getting an exorbitant amount of funding, and then being forced to pay these funds back when you may not have needed them in the first place. To begin when it comes to pre-settlement funding Dallas plaintiffs may receive these funds before they begin their trial and can use these funds to pay for expenses they might incur, whilst being in the midst of trial, as well as during the course of their regular daily lives. A lawsuit advance or pre-settlement funding occurs when plaintiffs are advanced money from a court award before the final decision is made. A company such as Express Funding of America, advancing this money will likely require documentation, including possibly medical records information from your attorney about your case. The fact is that when it comes to pre-settlement funding Dallas plaintiffs need to go to a legal funding team like Express Funding, because traditionally banks and credt bureaus do not give out loans based on the expectation of a settlement, and if they do, the terms would never be as favorable as they would be through legal funding. One of the best parts of the whole legal funding process is that its generally non-recourse funding. This means that if you win your case, the amount you were advanced, plus agreed-upon interest charges and fees, will go to the company. If the case does not settle in your favor, you typically won’t owe anything.

Surgical or Medical Funding

Now, having gone over pre-settlement funding, another common form of funding is known as medical or surgical funding Dallas experts at Express Funding of America offer this type of a funding service for those who might have been involved in an accident and may have high cost medical bills, or those involved in medical malpractice claims that may need to have surgery or other medical procedures to alleviate past issues. If the doctor or facility isn’t willing to accept a medical lien, Express Funding can provide an advance to the patient/plaintiff to cover the bill. As such, they could pay as a cash patient and immediately move forward with the procedure. Express Funding waits until the case resolves to recover payment from the proceeds of the case, just like a typical pre-settlement advance. Surgery funding is most often necessary as patients/plaintiffs involved in an accident and injury are unable to wait for their case to settle in court to receive the cash they need. With this form of lawsuit funding, a victim that is injured in an accident can get the medical treatment they desperately need. This can range from minimally invasive surgeries to complex surgical procedures. In some ways when it comes to surgical funding Dallas experts at Express Funding would say that it is a form of surgical funding in itself, however, it is far more specific to the money or funds, being used for the purpose of surgery or any other medical procedures. Often the procedures are vital and must happen immediately to avoid future complications, some of these procedures include things like:

· Back or spine surgery such as herniated disc

· Neck surgery

· Laminectomy surgery

· Discectomy surgery

· Amputation

· Dental oral surgery

· Burn and scar surgery

And much more serious issues, that may have stemmed from an accident or even a past ‘botched’ medical procedure. For more information on legal funding and personal injury lawsuits, be sure to contact Express Funding of America today.