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Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice & Funding

With personal injury lawsuits steadily on the rise year over year, it’s no surprise that more and more doctors and surgeons are being hit with medical malpractice claims than ever before. The fact is that under most circumstances where a personal injury lawsuit might be considered, there is at least some wiggle room there, as either the damages may not be as bad, or the negligent party agrees to pay the victim on the spot, so as to avoid certain types of litigation and the need for a full-fledged court case. However, when it comes to medical malpractice White Plains individuals are far less likely to let their doctors or surgeons go freely, having performed some type of a negligent procedure or actions on them – especially when you consider that botched surgery or medical care can be life threatening and leave an individual mentally and physically scarred for life. Such instances are especially common when it comes to cosmetic surgery, considering that these types of procedure are less likely to be covered by insurance, therefore an individual not only has to suffer the ills of botched cosmetic surgery, but is also out the cash they likely paid for the surgery itself. This means that when it comes to medical malpractice White Plains patients are far more likely to file an actual lawsuit to be compensated for their damages both financial and physical. This provides an opening for legal funding, in order to pay for the financial needs of a plaintiff during the course of the trial, whether that might mean paying for legal fees, court costs, medical bills, reconstructive surgery to repair the damage that was originally done, and much more. When it comes to surgical funding White Plains experts at Express Funding provide their clients with non-recourse cash to cover costs as they wait for their settlement or trial winnings to be paid. In this article we will be exploring cosmetic medical malpractice and what litigation funding White Plains victims can receive during the course of their trial.

What is Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice?

Cosmetic surgery is performed for a number of reasons, ranging from voluntary alterations, breast augmentations, elective liposuction, tummy tucks, and corrective procedures to fix disfigurements or scars. While cosmetic surgery does not come with a guarantee of perfection, most patients expect their doctor to perform the procedure to the best of their ability. As with all health care professionals, cosmetic surgeons have a duty to act reasonably and perform in the same way in which another surgeon in their position would act. In cases where the surgeon’s execution of the surgery fails to meet the minimum standards accepted in the medical community, and an injury results, the doctor may be liable for damages. When it comes to medical malpractice White Plains individuals should look for certain indicators in their case, including:

· Non-plastic surgeons performing cosmetic surgery

· Using nurse anesthetists instead of anesthesiologists to save costs

· Performing lengthy procedures in private offices away from hospitals, when unequipped to deal with any complications

· Failing to take a full patient history

· Exceeding the scope of the patient’s informed consent

· Operating on the wrong part of the body.

Funding Your Case

When it comes to obtaining litigation funding White Plains plaintiffs have a number of options out there, but few companies can offer the efficiency and reputation of Express Funding of America. Whether it be money for legal fees, paying your bills or surgical funding White Plains experts at Express Funding offer the best non-recourse funding available today, allowing clients to obtain cash they need in as little as 24 hours from the time of their application being accepted. The most important thing to understand is that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, as we mentioned, insurance will rarely cover things – meaning that you must come out of pocket for these procedures. In such a case, when the original procedure was botched, it is likely that you will need to have another procedure as soon as possible to fix whatever negative affects you might have suffered. When this happens, often plaintiffs will be in desperate need to settle their case, so they can get paid, and pay for their next procedure to fix the original damage done. However, by obtaining surgical funding White Plains plaintiffs no longer have to press for their settlement and their lawyers will be able to negotiate for a better payout. And when it comes to the litigation funding White Plains plaintiffs will pay this money back from the damage settlement, and be able to keep the rest for any other finances they might need it for. For more information on all there is to know about legal funding, and more, be sure to contact Express Funding of America today.