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Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding Can Be Your Saving Grace during COVID

In today’s legal landscape, with the country going deeper and deeper into turmoil, what seems to be each and every day, more and more individuals are choosing to sue one another, and rather than mediate issues and damages, as they might have done in the past, they are choosing to opt for litigation. The fact is that when it comes to personal injury claims, like the rest of the country, more and more individuals across New York City, are willing to file claims than ever before. Much of this is due to the sheer volume of damages available to plaintiffs, both compensatory and punitive, but other factors include the fact that it has become far easier than it ever has been to sue – especially when you’ve got the right team around you. But what really constitutes the right team? Is it just a lawyer? Maybe your lawyer, and some solid family and friends to be with you during your darkest hours?

While those things matter, with issues like the coronavirus afoot, one of the most helpful ancillary members of your team has got to an individual who works for a company such as Express Funding of America, known to provide the best litigation funding Manhattan plaintiffs can get across NYC. The fact of the matter is that with finances taking a hit for many of us in 2020, filing a lawsuit can be quite difficult. Even in the event if you find an attorney, willing to work on a contingency plan, there are countless costs that you must incur, during a time period where you might be injured and are likely out of work – with or without the injuries, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to shut down. And the fact is that without litigation funding Staten Island plaintiffs would struggle mightily to cover expenses like:

· Legal Bills

· Ancillary Legal Costs – Expert witnesses, flying people out, hotels, acquiring evidence, court fees and much more.

· Medical Bills and Surgery Costs – In the event the individual is injured, hurt, or in need of surgery, and doesn’t have the cash funds or the insurance coverage to pay for it.

· Household Bills – Just because you lose your job doesn’t mean the bills don’t need to get paid!

· Living Expenses for Family

And many other costs, not to mention any additional property damages you might have incurred as a result of the surgery itself. With proper litigation funding Bronx plaintiffs can ensure their bills are paid, and their families can survive through the trials and trouble during the pandemic. When it comes to litigation funding Manhattan experts at Express Funding of America will do all that they can to help individuals make it through such troubling times, and giving them that lump sum cash infusion can truly mean a lot.

What Does Non-Recourse Funding Mean?

One of the most interesting aspects of litigation funding Staten Island plaintiffs need to be familiar with is the fact that the funding is listed as non-recourse funding – while it might not hit you right away, once it explained to you, you will instantly be a fan of this method of funding. When it comes to non-recourse litigation funding Bronx plaintiffs aren’t responsible for making payments back to return the lump sum of money that they acquired, unless they either:

· Are awarded monetary, compensatory damages, as a result of a trial victory against the defense – who is given a judgement to pay them all the damages the judge deems to be fair and reasonable.

· Are able to come to an agreement with the defendant’s side, on a monetary dollar figure, that is deemed to be fair and compensates the plaintiffs for their losses, financially, mentally, and in other ways as well.

The thing to understand is that when they get litigation funding Staten Island victims who may not be in the best shape financially, are afforded the breathing room they need to be able to relax, and pay their bills, and focus on their recovery if they are still injured – while their attorneys are able to properly negotiate on a proper settlement on their behalf, and don’t have to rush back with a settlement just because you need the money so bad. For more information on funding, be sure to contact Express Funding today.