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Litigation Funding Atlanta

3 Types of Legal Funding to Know

When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit of any kind, no matter if it is a medical malpractice case, a car accident, with or without a drunk driver or DWI/DUI claim, a wrongful death, a slip and fall issue, or a wide range of other lawsuits in which you are seeking compensatory damages, from another, negligent party, who you are setting out to prove is at-fault. Whether its one of these common personal injury lawsuits situations or another, the fact is that its never easy and it can really test your will and determination, especially considering you or a loved one, might be dealing with injuries, pain, emotional and mental issues, as well as other trauma as a result of the accident or situation. So, having to be strong enough to just battle through injuries and trauma is enough for any human being to handle, but on top of that you have to go through a lawsuit or legal claim, and handle your responsibilities at home, work and throughout other aspects of life? No matter who you are, all that sounds nearly impossible to handle. And the fact is that in many instances, when an individual is hurt or injured as a result of an accident or during the situation in question, they may need time off from work, or in some instances, they may never be able to work again. Depending on what type of a job you have, you may be forced to go without pay, and no matter how much pain you might be in, bill collectors don’t want to hear that, and while your lawyer may be willing to work on contingency, the legal expert you hire, or the court fees, paperwork and everything is certainly going to cost you, not to mention your everyday life, kids, wife, husband, family, bills, and don’t forget about the medical bills you’ve undoubtedly incurred, especially since you may or may not have health insurance from work any longer. The fact is that such a situation can completely flip your life upside down. And while some of us have parents or a rich uncle to bail us out, not everyone is that lucky and obtaining the funds from the personal injury lawsuit may be their only hope.

The fact is that no matter how good your case is, it could be a 100% slam dunk, but the fact is that the other side will still put up a fight and do whatever they can to make it hard on you – forcing delay after delay, hoping to force you into a settlement for less money than you would have gotten if you had won the actual trial. And with all these delays, the fact is that your settlement or your trial winnings will still take forever to come, especially in the case that the other party has some sort of hardships themselves. In such a case, it is vital that you obtain what is known as legal funding, a means of obtaining cash in advance, from a company, that can be used for many things. Within this article we will explain a few of those different uses for legal funding – whether it be plaintiff funding, litigation funding, or surgical funding Atlanta plaintiffs can use this money and put it towards their needs, helping to alleviate the pressures of trial.

Litigation Funding

When it comes to litigation funding Atlanta plaintiffs are often in need of a legal fees and costs associated with fighting their case. The fact is that lawyers aren’t cheap, nowhere near it in fact, and using litigation funding Atlanta victims of personal injury lawsuits can pay off their lawyers, or use the money to fund certain special witnesses they may need during trial, foot the cost of flying a witness out if they live out of town, and paying off any number of litigation costs. In many instances, when it comes to litigation funding Atlanta attorneys may work on contingency, meaning they do not get paid unless they win or settle the case, in their clients favor. However, some of the state’s most elite lawyers may refuse and require payment upfront. These funds can be used to pay him to fight your case.

Plaintiff Funding

Often similar to litigation funding, when it comes to plaintiff funding Atlanta victims of personal injury accidents, can use these funds for court fees, lawyer costs, specialty payments to better fight their case, as well as many other legal aspects. In addition, these funds are also often used to simply keep up the individual’s life, and make sure that they can pay their bills and they aren’t forced to live on the street or default on their mortgage or their rent whilst waiting on their settlement or winnings. For plaintiff funding Atlanta victims will generally, only get a small percentage of what the company assumes the total settlement or lawsuit winnings to be. for instance, in the event Express Funding estimates you may get $1 million dollars for your case, they will provide you with about 10, 15 or maybe even 20% as funding. This is highly dependent on the specifics of your case as well.

Surgical Funding

Now, as we are discussing surgical funding Atlanta plaintiffs will commonly need this or a very similar type of funding, as they will often have adverse medical issues and injuries that need to be treated or remedied. Their injuries are usually the main reason they are no longer working or might no longer be able to work for the rest of their lives. When it comes to surgical funding Atlanta individuals may need these finances in order to pay for costly surgery they might need, whether that might be some type of damage they may have suffered during the incident, or even some form of reconstructive plastic surgery they might need in order to heal from certain injuries or some type of disfigurement they might have suffered as a result of the incident or accident. In many cases, the patient may not have insurance, or insurance may not cover the procedure, or choose to only cover a small portion of the procedure and their medical treatment overall, leaving them to pay for the balance of a couple of hundred thousand dollars, more or less, on their own.

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