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The Advantages of Legal Funding in Texas

When compared to other states across the union, Texas is by far one of the most unique and different, especially when it comes to the legal world. With personal injury lawsuits on the rise, year over year, across the better part of the United States, with the second largest population of nearly 30 million citizens, Texas is no different. And as the largest and most popular city in the state, Dallas Texas has become quite the hotbed for personal injury lawsuits, meaning that residual services such as legal funding are of optimal importance across the state. Despite being based in Florida and NYC, and having a strong foothold on the East Coast, Express Funding of America is proud to service each and every state in the United States, and in fact, it has been known to provide the best legal funding Dallas has to offer – especially with the vast number of personal injury cases, and the ever-growing number of accidents and negligence-based incidents that make it to some type of litigation. The fact is that the state of Texas ranks 23rd, when it comes to per capita injuries, and with such a high population, that means there’s tons of different cases being brought in front of judges every year. Within this article, we will be exploring legal funding services as a whole, and how they might differ in the state of Texas and more specifically, in the city of Dallas.

Personal Injury Claims in Texas

As we mentioned previously, with such a high population, second highest in the United States, simple math would dictate that there is a much higher chance of personal injury cases, especially with the national average, per capita, constantly rising year over year. As they are known to provide the best legal funding Dallas has to offer, Express Funding has found quite a strong foothold in the city, as it is one of the best places for the service based on local legislation and other statistics. Its important to understand that when it comes to litigation funding Dallas plaintiffs have a much higher likelihood of being accepted for the funding. Firstly, we must understand that legal funding is currently regulated on a state-by-state basis, meaning that how a company operates differs based on that specific state’s legal rules and regulations. As a result of a number of different factors, the city of Dallas, and the state of Texas as a whole, offer some of the easiest access to funding for plaintiffs possible, when compared to other states. Some of the factors that make obtaining legal funding easier to achieve in the state of Texas include:

· Higher Population – Nearly 30 million, second highest in the United States.

· High, Ever-Growing Rate of Accidents – Ranks 23rd amongst all states per capita in injuries and fatal injuries.

· Laxity of Funding Regulation – The state of Texas has some of the most lax financial laws, meaning they meddle the least with their citizen’s ability to make money and obtain legal funding.

· No State Income Tax – Similar to the previous factor, the lack of a state income tax makes obtaining funding that much easier for plaintiffs.

· Comparative Fault Threshold of 51% – The plaintiffs are held liable for their accidents far less than the party deemed to be the negligent party.

When looking to obtain legal funding, Express Funding is known to provide the best legal funding Dallas plaintiffs can find, and while much of this is because of the state’s own regulations, the main reason for such a statistic is their experience in providing funding to plaintiffs in all manner of cases and claims, across the country. When it comes to obtaining litigation funding Dallas plaintiffs do not have to have credit checks done or anything of the sort. Generally, the team at Express will only look into the following items in order to determine how fit they are to receive legal funding.

· The stage at which you are of the case, and what damages have been discussed.

· The quality of your case, how likely they believe you are to win, or to negotiate a strong, beneficial settlement.

· The specifics of your case, how bad the damages might be you are entitled to, and the level of negligence the other side is being accused of.

Liability in the State of Texas

The best part about plaintiff funding Dallas plaintiffs have that is on their side is the fact that the state of Texas is more so on the side of victims that any other state in the union. For instance, when it comes to obtaining plaintiff funding Dallas residents are not only more likely to be granted funding, but they are also far more likely to obtain more damages within a personal injury case filed here, than if it were to be filed in any other state. In certain instances, legal funding underwriters will observe minimums for settlements, including $30,000 for bodily injury liability per person, $60,000 for bodily injury liability per accident claim, and $25,000 for property damage liability per accident claim. And considering that the state laws allow legal funding companies to operate highly unregulated and do not attempt to meddle in the assistance they provide plaintiffs, when it comes to plaintiff funding Dallas victims have a very strong advantage over defendants.