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3 Important Facts to Know About Legal Funding Atlanta Plaintiffs Need to Know!

In today’s society, personal injury lawsuits are becoming more and more common as the years go by. And with more individuals filing lawsuits, in an effort to recoup damages than ever before, there are a quite a few new and unique issues that individuals will have to deal with that they never had to in years prior. One of the biggest issues when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit, is the all-too-common instance in which an individual, who has suffered physical damages or injuries, as a result of the negligent actions of another party, is no longer able to work and pay their bills. In addition to the simplest of medical bills, these charges can include damage to property that needs to be fixed, household bills, legal fees, and much more. When an individual can no longer cover these bills, they will often need to turn to a company such as Express Funding of America, the team known to provide the best legal funding Atlanta and the rest of the eastern part of the US has to offer. When it comes to legal funding, there are number of different things a plaintiff needs to be aware of as they seek out compensatory damages, and there is quite a bit that they need to know in order to cover all their bases – from things like funding their personal injury lawsuit, as well as certain life expense they may not be able to cover due to suffering in as a result of the other parties negligence – and depending on where the individual is located, the laws can often be quite different, for instance in Atlanta, individuals must make sure to adhere to certain laws under the Georgia legislature. To better help plaintiffs understand exactly what they need to know, here are some important facts to know from the team known to provide the best legal funding Atlanta has to offer, Express Funding.

· What is Legal Funding? Will it Help with My Issues?

One of the biggest issues with personal injury lawsuits in Atlanta or anyplace for that matter, is that it can take quite a bit of time, to complete a case, as there are a number of different steps involved. And while the case itself is long enough, with each successive step things will get far more time consuming and cause delays in certain vital aspects of the case. Due to these frequent delays personal injury lawsuit settlements can take quite a while to be paid out, even in the case where the plaintiff when’s the trial and is awarded damages, they will still end up waiting quite a long time in order to receive their monetary damages. As the best legal funding Atlanta has to offer, Express Funding provides their clients with money far sooner than they otherwise would receive it, and it helps to alleviate issues far sooner than any other means of obtaining cash or a loan, from a bank, which in most cases, if it is even granted, will come with high fees and interest payments. Many consumers who have a pending lawsuit and need cash before their cases settle. When it comes to pre-settlement funding Atlanta experts at Express Funding, aren’t providing a conventional loan at all. The reason why is because there is no recourse from the funding company if your case ultimately fails. That means you don’t have to pay back the funds if you lose your case. No monthly payments; no interest fees. With a loan, the borrower has to have collateral and credit, and be prepared to incur fees and interest charges. Since legal funding is not a loan, credit approval isn’t needed to qualify. Funding is based entirely on the merits of the case, and nothing else, which is why legal funding is a no-risk proposition for the consumer.

· What are the Costs of Legal Funding?

When it comes to pre-settlement funding Atlanta plaintiffs are quite lucky, in that they do not have to pay any upfront costs or fees at all! However, when you are dealing with the best legal funding Atlanta has to offer, with Express Funding, you have no interest payments either, so nothing before or after your case! Plus, as we mentioned, it is non-recourse funding, meaning that unless you win your case, we do not collect the money back, and you get to keep whatever amount was given to you.

· How Can I Get Legal Funding?

Unlike the vast majority of companies offering pre-settlement funding Atlanta experts at Express Funding, don’t make you jump through hoops to get your legal funding! Its quite a simple process, you first contact us and set up an appointment to meet. And during this meeting, you and your attorney will go through your case with our team, going through the ins and outs, and every relevant detail possible. Once we get the low down on your case, and can deliberate, within 24 hours, you will have an answer of whether your petition for legal funding was accepted or not! You will get your cash in as little as 24 hours, and be on your way and able to pay your bills and live your life.

For more information on legal funding in the city of Atlanta and more, be sure to contact Express Funding today.