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Litigation Funding

How Can Litigation Funding Help You?

When it comes to personal injury lawsuits, while they have become more and more popular over the years, many individuals are still relatively uneducated on how they work. In certain cases, in which an individual has become the victim of negligent actions by another party – whether that offending party might be another driver on the road in a car crash, a doctor who might have performed treatment that goes against the conventional standard of medicine, a company that leaves their floors wet (without a sign) leading to a slip and fall, or any other similar circumstance. When such a situation occurs, and the victim is injured, hurt, or damaged in any way health-wise, financially, or otherwise, they are entitled to file a lawsuit against the offending party in order to try and get back whatever they have lost and then some. When it comes to getting that back, it can happen in two ways generally – either you win the trial against them, and are awarded a certain number of damages that are the sum of all the damages they have provided to you. The second way in which you can get paid back is if you and the other side decide upon a settlement, and avoid having to go through the full trial and all the stress that comes with it. The problem with either of these options is that they take so long for the individual to actually get paid, and with so many people living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to work due to injuries they might have sustained can leave them behind on bills and more. when it comes to litigation funding Manhattan plaintiffs or victims can get the money, they need to pay bills and have the money to fight off cases. When it comes to litigation funding Manhattan plaintiffs can gain a number of different benefits, and Express Funding can truly help them out quite a bit. Within this article we will explore the benefits of litigation funding for plaintiffs.

Benefits of Litigation Funding

Litigation funding involves a third-party financing some or all of the legal expenses of one or more legal disputes in exchange for a share of the proceeds recovered from the resolution of the disputes. One of the biggest benefits when it comes to litigation funding Connecticut experts at Express Funding can provide is that these transactions are non-recourse, meaning that if there is no recovery made from the dispute, then there is no obligation to repay the funder its advances or to pay any return on its investment. It is the non-recourse nature of these arrangements that provides claimants with access to justice against respondents. If these claimants had to bear the economic burden of enforcing their rights, they would simply not have their day in court against well-resourced respondents. Moreover, when the negligent party realizes that victim has a heavily capitalized funder supporting his cause, it often strengthens the victim’s bargaining power, and can change the tone and content of settlement discussions dramatically. When it comes to litigation funding Connecticut experts at Express Funding can provide a lot of help and really help victims to even the playing field against a defendant that might have a lot more money than them.

Another important thing to understand is that litigation funding is no longer merely a lifeline for those claimants for whom funding is a financial necessity. Non-recourse funding to pay the costs of dispute resolution also benefits those claimants who have ample resources, but simply do not have the risk appetite, or cash flow, to invest in a long-drawn-out litigation or arbitration. Another benefit of litigation funding, which is often overlooked by claimants, is that it provides an additional assessment of the claims at no cost. A ’reality check’ at a developmental stage of the dispute can greatly enhance the strategy of the case. Funders like the team at Express Funding, who are very experienced in different areas of litigation and who have reviewed hundreds of cases of the specific claim type at issue, provide an extra layer of valuable knowledge, and while they might not be getting involved in your case, the mere fact they are willing to fund you, is often proof enough that you have a valuable case, and may push the other side to become far more willing to settle and not risk losing the legal battle. One of the best benefits when it comes to litigation funding Suffolk County plaintiffs can obtain from Express Funding is that they have a strong network of litigation experts and attorneys, who have likely fought countless similar cases. So, in the event that you do not yet have an attorney, or might not be too happy with your current attorney, they might be able to help you in finding a more effective counsel or even someone who might be just as good, but might be more willing to work with a lower price point – in the event that your current attorney might be charging you too much. When it comes to litigation funding Suffolk County victims, are able to get much more than just cash in hand – and while that is valuable, Express Funding can help with a whole lot more than just that. For more information on legal funding, be sure to contact Express Funding of America today.