Medical Malpractice Pre-Settlement Funding

With personal injury lawsuits becoming more and more prevalent with each passing day it seems, society has become far more focused on legal issues and standing up for their right to obtain monetary damages more so than ever before. In years past, issues amongst parties – one considered a “victim” and the other considered to be a “negligent party”, were often handled on a one to one basis, or if the issue could not be resolved properly, then they might require some course of moderate mediation to come to some type of an agreement. However, in today’s world personal injury lawsuits cover a far wider array of issues, such as a medical malpractice settlement as part of a lawsuit against a medical professional who might have acted negligently in their care of a patient – in this instance, the plaintiff. One issue with such lawsuits however is that when a victim suffers serious injuries, they are often “out of commission” and cannot return to work or earn money for their bills and their loved ones. In such an instance however, there is a service known as legal funding or pre-settlement funding, in which a plaintiff can obtain funds that will help them to pay bills, surgical funding or money for medical bills, and other expenses, as they wait to obtain their actual medical malpractice settlement.

According to the team at Express Funding, known to offer the best legal funding Florida has around, pre-settlement funding can make a huge difference in an individual’s life, often meaning the difference between them accepting an initial “low-ball” injury settlement, as opposed to having the ability to wait out the other party and fight for a larger settlement offer. And while legal or surgical funding has helped countless clients in recent times, when it comes to medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits, many individuals are fairly uneducated on how things will work, and what the funding process for such cases truly entails. To better equip individuals with the knowledge they need, we will discuss the funding process for a medical malpractice settlement.

In the event you or your loved one is undergoing any type of a medical procedure, whether elective or necessary, are a scary ordeal. Even if things go right, there can be a substantial recovery time and ‘normal’ side effects. These can hinder a person for weeks, months, or even permanently. Nothing is harder, however, than when a doctor doesn’t proceed with the proper standard of care, or makes a careless mistake. The effects of medical malpractice can result in additional surgeries, catastrophic side-effects, or even death. When it comes to medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits, they define a medical professional’s behavior as “improper, unskilled, or negligent treatment of a patient by a physician, dentist, nurse, pharmacist, or other health care professional.”

This can come in many forms, though. Doctors often fail to diagnose problems or give incorrect prescriptions. A surgeon can accidentally cut or damage surrounding organs or tissue. Other times, sanitary issues, improper bandaging, or neglect of a patient can cause damages. Some surgeons accidentally leave gloves or tools inside the body after they’ve sewed the patient up, post-surgery. It is vital to get justice and the monetary compensation, for such negligent actions – this makes the surgical funding process or medical bill funding process so much more vital, as the best legal funding team Florida has to offer, Express Funding, will do their absolute best to provide you with the cash you need. However, there is a process, especially for a delicate situation like a medical malpractice suit. Medical malpractice cases are tough to value because there are a few key issues that need attention. In many cases, an expert witness is needed to testify or report on how the defendant breached the standard of care. Even in cases without an expert, it needs to be determined that the doctor did something outside of the standard of care that caused harm. This is why Express Funding, the best legal funding Florida has around, will require extreme detail in order to decide whether to provide pre-settlement funding or not. This is because when having a surgical procedure, there are inherent risks involved anyway – so in order to come out victorious in a medical malpractice suit, you and your attorney must prove that the injuries or damages you suffered were outside of any normal possible risks that are inherent with surgery, and those damages or injuries could have been avoided had your surgeon not acted in a negligent manner. For more information on legal funding, or to schedule an appointment to go over your case, be sure to contact Express Funding America today.